Offering 20 Iyengar Yoga Classes a week 


News of the Day, October 22nd

 Many Thanks for Volunteering.

Such a good job, everyone!

We have sponsored Iyengar teaching assessments in the past, but this time it was a much higher level, Junior Intermediate II teaching assessment. You all came through, true yoga champs! I could tell it was intense for you as well as the candidates. I was happy to help our own Iyengar community here in Austin to help the much larger Iyengar community in the US, which in turn helps us support the Iyengar method everywhere.

And right after the Intermediate Assessment (see above), an Intermediate Teacher Training, October 27-28

The weekend after all our Introductory and Intermediate teachers get to assist and observe the process of a teaching assessment, we will hold a teacher training, where will will go over
1) the various expectations of teaching at this level (mainly linkage and depth of teaching), and
2) understanding how to choose alternate poses for conditions.
3) practice teaching incorporated into 1) and 2)

Fall Schedule changes

NEW Donation class - Saturday's from 9:00-10:15am! On September 29th Tay (Sulie Anna Tay) will start a beginner friendly Level 1 weekend class. If you are new to yoga or returning back to the mat this is the perfect class for YOU!
Shery'l’s Tuesday morning Level 1-2 class has moved from mid-morning to NOONTIME.
Devon’s Tuesday morning Level 1 class has resumed..

Peggy will teach Saturday afternoon Nov. 17: Balancing Effort and Non-effort in Practice: How to (surrender) in YOUR asana practice.

Title says it all.

Anne will teach Saturday Afternoon, Dec. 8, about Happy Hips and Hamstrings

Again, title is self explanatory. Asana work to open, strengthen, balance, and soften the movement of the hips in asana practice.

Devon will teach on Saturday Afternoon Jan.26: (Another) Introduction to the Nervous System

Here will be a second class in what may be a series on the Nervous System. Physical awareness, breath awareness, thought awareness, all operate through the nervous system. We will look at the body using one or another capacity of the nervous system to observe or interact with other capacities of the nervous system — observing how senses, thought, and breath each influence the movement of muscles, and the way we move our bodies influences the senses, thoughts, and breath. We will observe how our practice can lead toward or away from Patanjali’s goal of a still mind, or citta vrtti nirodha,