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News of the Day, October 1st

 Important: If you can, please Volunteer.

We need volunteer students for an Intermediate Iyengar Teachers’ Assessment October 19-21

We have sponsored Iyengar teaching assessments in the past and we are doing so again this year. This time it’s a Junior Intermediate II teaching assessment. We need volunteers who can work beyond the beginner level. You don’t have to know the Intermediate syllabus, but be able to learn poses on it. Minor injuries are acceptable (this level of teacher must be able to manage injuries among the students). We need your help. Contact Devon by email: devond108@gmail.com, or Click here to sign up.

SUNDAY ASSESSMENT PARTICIPANT NOTE: the Livestrong Challenge Bicycle Ride for cancer research will take place on Sunday October 21 starting very early in the morning. Their route follows South First St. in front of the studio, heading southbound. South First St. IS NOT BLOCKED, BUT TRAFFIC MUST MOVE CAUTIOUSLY AROUND CYCLISTS. All participants are requested to approach South First Street from Barton Springs Road, heading east from South Lamar. Turn right on South First from Barton Springs, and turn right again on Copeland St. to get to the studio without crossing cyclist traffic. Take extra time to get to the studio in time for your appointment! Thank you for your help!

And right after the Intermediate Assessment (see above), an Intermediate Teacher Training, October 27-28

The weekend after all our Introductory and Intermediate teachers get to assist and observe the process of a teaching assessment, we will hold a teacher training, where will will go over the various expectations of teaching at this level (mainly linkage and depth of teaching), and review practical ways of doing and working with the poses on the syllabus.

Fall Schedule changes

NEW Donation class - Saturday's from 9:00-10:15am! On September 29th Tay (Sulie Anna Tay) will start a beginner friendly Level 1 weekend class. If you are new to yoga or returning back to the mat this is the perfect class for YOU!
Shery'l’s Tuesday morning Level 1-2 class will move from mid-morning to NOONTIME beginning mid-October.
Devon’s Tuesday morning Level 1 class will resume at 9am beginning mid-October.

Devon will teach on Saturday Afternoon Oct. 13: Introduction to the Nervous System

Devon will teach a little of what she experienced in her summer in India, almost entirely centered on transforming the way her nervous system works. If you have a nervous system, you can relate to this class.

Peggy will teach Saturday afternoon Nov. 17: Balancing Effort and Non-effort in Practice: How to (surrender) in YOUR asana practice.

Title says it all.

Anne will teach Saturday Afternoon, Dec. 8, about Happy Hips and Hamstrings

Again, title is self explanatory. Asana work to open, strengthen, balance, and soften the movement of the hips in asana practice.

Austin Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training begins a new year of studies on the weekend of September 8-9.

In this program, you can either learn a lot about being an Iyengar Yoga teacher, or you can learn a lot about how to practice Iyengar Yoga. We have created a two-year program that will give you all the learning material you need to take the first level of assessment as an Iyengar instructor. These two years do not give you all the time you need to practice teaching in this method, but it will get you started. It’s a long road, this Yoga path.