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On January 1st, 2018, Clear Spring Studio became home to a much larger part of our Austin community of Iyengar Yoga teachers.  The teachers of Austin Iyengar Yoga have joined forces with those of Clear Spring Studio.  This is very exciting for everyone.  We are now Austin Iyengar Yoga at Clear Spring Studio.

Clear Spring Studio was the first dedicated yoga studio in Austin, opening in the spring of 1990. The studio has had many physical locations in the meantime, but since 2005 we have resided at this beautiful, green, quiet, and blessed (twice! by Tibetan monks) studio. 

About the Clear Spring logo:  That circular, geometrical, vaguely Southwestern design is a representation of a clear, cool spring, with its waters rippling outward into the world.  That Clear Spring is our Yoga studio. The water itself is Yoga, and its eight ripples are the eight limbs of Yoga. This Yoga, like clear, clean water, is universally nourishing.  

This logo is joined here with the original Austin Iyengar Yoga logo:  Yoga from the heart, and in the heart of Austin.

WE look forward to meeting you.

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