Stephanie Quirk

MAY 19 - 22, 2018


The Karmendriyas No. 2:  The outer body that gestures, offers, and holds:  arms, shoulders, and the upper spine.

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There are two four-day sessions in this series.  This one in May at AIY at Clear Spring addresses the upper body organs of action, and the second one in June (in Dallas, at the BKS Iyengar Yoga Studios of Dallas) addresses the lower body organs of action. 

The purpose of these sessions is to link the teacher with ways to help the students attending their classes. In each session we undertake an in-depth study of the subject. The teacher studies the dynamics, statics, coordinations and integrations of the asanas they teach their students – how the asana(s) interact with the whole student, as well as effect change in a part of the student. The first two days is devoted to the study and observation of the asanas and of the students performing.  This leads onto an understanding of how to adjust, adapt, arrange, and organize the asana(s) to bring benefit as well as knowledge to the student.

These four-day sessions are for teachers; however the experienced and interested student can attend days 1 and 2 of any session.

Schedule Each Day, Saturday through Tuesday
Morning class: 10am - 1pm
Afternoon class:  3pm - 5:30pm

Full workshop:  $500
Saturday and Sunday Only:  $275
IYNAUS and IYASCUS members:  $20 discount for full workshop only.

Click here to enroll for the weekend or the full workshop.

As usual we are concerned about parking.  Please make arrangements to carpool or Uber to the studio each day, or to park and walk to the studio.  Those who do drive, please park only in the interior of the lot and steer clear of our near neighbors' spots... We may ask you to bring extra props.  Stay tuned for news on that front...