Offering 20 Iyengar Yoga Classes a week 


News of the Day:  Thursday Feb. 8, 2018

To our regular weekend students: don't try to come to class feb. 17-18.

There will be no regular classes next weekend, Feb. 16-18. It's Manouso's workshop.  You will not find a parking place.  There will be more than 120 shoes on the patio between you and the front door.  Insurmountable.  

Manouso's workshop is officially closed.  EVEN THE wait list IS CLOSED.

The studio is only so big.  Usually it's not a problem  We are sorry about that.

Workshop Parking Alert for Manouso manos workshop

Clear Spring Studio parking is only fit for 20 cars maximum and we are expecting 60.  Difficult but true.
Therefore, carpooling is the rule and not the exception.  Three attendees per car, unless you're walking or cycling. 

People can carpool in the usual way, picking up people en route, as is convenient.
But it's also possible for friends who do not live near each other to meet on a street near the studio (turn on Gibson St. and park in the neighborhood there), and drive one car the few blocks to and from the studio.
Ridesharing also seems to work well, I hear.
No parallel parking on Copeland St.  Parking only on the interior of the studio lot.
Plan ahead please.  We will open doors a half-hour early and start each class promptly.  

did you know about the austin marathon? same weekend as manouso!

Thanks to Thecla, we learn that this Sunday is the Austin Marathon so there will be extensive road closures in and around the studio. See full listing at: https://youraustinmarathon.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Austin-Marathon-Traffic-Guide-2018.pdf

1) South First St., from Riverside Dr. to Ben White Blvd:  All Northbound lanes entirely closed from 6am-9am.  One southbound lane will be open from 7am-9am.   This is the street directly in front of the studio.  See paragraph below for instructions.

2) The South First St. Bridge running from Riverside to Cesar Chavez will have one northbound lane open.

Recommended (easiest) driving approach to the studio:  Starting from the intersection of S. Lamar and Barton Springs Road:  Drive to South First St and turn right (south).  Copeland St. is at the top of the long hill, on the right.  If you have a parking reservation for the workshop, turn onto Copeland St and park in our lot.  If you do not have a reservation, you can turn from Barton Springs Rd. onto Dawson St. or Bouldin Ave., and drive south to the vicinity of S. 3rd St and Gibson St.  See google maps; it's an easy walk to the studio from there.


Since we will be so many in these workshops these days, those who can should bring your own props.  You can store them in the studio between classes.  We need the usual:  a chair, 3 blankets, a belt, a (wooden or cork) block, and a sticky mat.  Visibly label and keep track of your props or they will disappear in that mysterious way props do.

workshop shoe and water bottle alert

Because of the size of this event, we think it's best to keep the small ocean of shoes that is going to collect outdoors.  Remove your shoes outdoors please.

No water bottles inside the studio.  Hydrate well before class. In the Iyengar tradition we do not put anything in the stomach during practice.  

sunday class alert:

On Feb. 25, Mar. 25, April 22 and June 3, Melissa's 12:30pm asana class will be disrupted by our monthly teacher training sessions, which end at 1:30pm.  

SXSW Alert:  No Friday Advanced Practice on March 9 and 16.

Thank you for your practice and your WONDERFUL support of AUSTIN Iyengar Yoga at CLEAR SPRING STUDIO.