Devon Dederich (JUNIOR Intermediate II)

Devon holds a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in geography from the University of New Mexico, and is nationally certified to teach in the Iyengar tradition. Devon began formal practice of Iyengar Yoga in 1978, and since then has studied with senior-level Iyengar teachers both here and abroad, as well as with Mr. Iyengar, his son Prashant and his daughter Geeta in Pune. She has taught since 1980 in New Mexico, Africa, and Texas, and opened Clear Spring Studio in Austin in the spring of 1990, inviting all Iyengar teachers to join in the first dedicated yoga studio in Austin.

Devon has also worked with Peggy Kelley and other teachers on Iyengar teacher training projects for over twenty years, and recently rewrote the Austin Iyengar Yoga teacher training curriculum.  She also likes art and craftwork.  

phone: 512-633-2354   

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Peggy Kelley (SENIOR Intermediate II)

Peggy is the founder of the Austin Yoga Institute. She began her study of Yoga in the late 60’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts, having since studied with Senior Yoga teachers in Europe, Canada, and the US. In India, Peggy has studied with B.K.S., Geeta, and Prashant Iyengar, and other Yoga masters.

She began teaching yoga in British Columbia over 30 years ago and has taught in Mexico, Europe, and the southwest United States. She was a founding member of the Iyengar Yoga Association of the US and served from 1990-1994.

She is certified to teach and to recommend teachers for certification. In addition to her yoga training, Peggy has studied insight Meditation with Rodney Smith and Ayurveda with Bri. Maya Tiwari, David Frawley and The American Institute of Ayurveda, where she received her certificate in 2003.

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anne marie schultz (Junior Intermediate II)

Anne has practiced yoga since 1994 and found the Iyengar method not long after that.  Anne regularly attends workshops and teacher training sessions with senior instructors in the Iyengar tradition. She studies most closely with Laurie Blakeney and Randy Just.  She studies locally with Peggy here in Austin.

Anne serves on the IYNAUS national board, and is  on the steering committee for the  2019 IYNAUS national convention.

In her abundant free time,  Anne is  Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University. She also directs the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core.

She  maintains a popular blog,



Melissa came to Yoga as an avid cyclist, who preferred restorative work to balance the activity and anxiety prevalent in her life. She has spent the last few years studying with teachers Peggy Kelley and Devon Dederich to expand her knowledge and earn her Introductory certification. She now holds her Junior I certification and is currently working towards her Junior II certification. Her classes focus on proper alignment, using props such as blocks, chairs and rope walls, to deepen our understanding of the poses, while modifying for injuries and building strength and flexibility. She spearheads Austin’s Yoga Ride, a Social Cycling Austin bicycle ride every Tuesday night that ends in a free yoga class designed for cyclists. You can find out more about Melissa here:

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As a practitioner, yoga has helped her to grow, recover and rebuild many phases of her life. She believes that yoga has the ability to transform the way you interact with the world both on and off the mat. Shortly after passing the Iyengar Introduction II assessment in 2015 she relocated her family from Amsterdam to Austin.  Since moving to Austin Val has been working towards her Junior I certification. As a teacher, Val strives to create a warm and positive setting which inspires students to connect both body and mind through asana and breath in order to cultivate a deep sense of awareness.

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Vicky has studied Iyengar yoga since 2000, and has been one of Peggy Kelley’s students since 2003. A week after her first Iyengar class, she wrote, “I’ve started taking yoga, and I think it’s going to change my life.” She was right. In addition to her experience studying and teaching Iyengar yoga, she draws on more than 15 years as a university instructor to tailor her pacing and instructional approach to each class and student. She considers it a privilege to teach, and an extraordinary privilege to teach Iyengar yoga.


Sheryl Abrams is originally from Austin, but has spent the last 10 years living in the Midwest. She tolerated the cold weather but perhaps the best result from enduring subzero winters were the years she studied with some of the top Iyengar teachers in the U.S. They included Chris Saudek, Lois Steinberg, Kristin Chirhart, Lee Sverkerson, Dean Lerner, Laurie Blakeney and Kathleen Wright. In 2005, Sheryl had the opportunity to study under BKS Iyengar during his Light on Life tour and with Geeta in 2007 during her Las Vegas visit. Sheryl is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor working towards her Junior 1 certification.


Tay (Sulie Anna Tay) is an Iyengar Yoga student since 2000 and teacher in training since 2013. From Australia, Tay first attended class with Alan Goode, before studying with Australian Certification Chair Christine Barnes, Chicago senior teacher Patrina DobishShaw Jiun in Seattle, and Iyengar workshops and classes during her extensive travels. She visited Pune with Peggy Kelley in 2015 and attends regular classes with Anne Marie Shultz and Melissa Hagen. Tay enjoys a vegan lifestyle and works as a technology consultant.